Lifestyle Counseling

Making small changes in the way you eat, how you think or the environment in which you live is often just as important as receiving treatments or taking supplements. 

Wellbeing is also about nurturing the right way of living. Diet, emotional status and the right type of  exercise are important aspects of wellbeing that are often overlooked. Some people need to eat less, some need to consume more nutrients, some need to adjust their work environment or schedule. 

Through an individualized approach we can help meet your expectations for health and wellbeing over the long term. 

Ki Treatment 

A Ki Treatment is recommended for acute or chronic health conditions including pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues.


A Ki Treatment is a unique and natural bodywork therapy using acupressure and energy. It has many health benefits helping to relieve pain and restore energy in the body while activating your natural inner healing ability. A Ki practitioners education, training and experience consists of over 20 years of meditation, teaching and martial arts training in the ongoing cultivation of body, mind & spirit.

A Ki Treatment is received clothed and suitable for all ages. Sessions are 45 minutes by appointment. 

Ki Training Class

Ki Training is a one hour class reminiscent of ancient Taoist martial arts training. 

The breathing exercises and body movements help to heal the body by activating the body's Ki circulation and the meditation helps to heal the mind by identifying and releasing negative thought and emotional patterns. 


Each class concludes with 20 minutes of silent meditation creating the stillness necessary to reflect on our daily lives and integrate the energy that we have received. 

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